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Much water has gone under the bridge since our last update.  Although you’ve not heard from us for quite a while, we have been beavering away behind the scenes with regular meetings to discuss the Berkeley Homes development as it has moved through the planning process. A number of the conditions attached to BH’s detailed planning application needed to be fleshed out, and some still require radical improvement, which we are endeavouring to secure. This has resulted in a busy time for KSG’s committee members.    Read More


Last week, KSG submitted its formal objection to the revised Horsham District Planning Framework. This substantial document has taken a great deal of time and dedication to compile, in particular by Peter Handley and Richard Page. It’s not an easy read but please take a look, if only to skim through and appreciate the effort that has gone into it. You can access it as a PDF here: HDPF – KSG Objection 29.04.15. Read More


Keep Southwater Green is delighted to announce that Dr Roger Smith is standing as an Independent candidate for Southwater in the Horsham District Council election. We endorse Roger’s candidacy because of his vast knowledge on planning matters and his unswerving commitment to protecting Southwater’s countryside from being completely covered with concrete and tarmac, and call upon all KSG supporters to vote for him on 7th May. Please read on to learn more about Roger’s manifesto. Read More


As you may know, in February KSG submitted the petition to Horsham District Council. And we sent a lengthy report to Council officers and elected members giving all the reasons why they should refuse the planning application by Berkeley Homes to build ‘West of Southwater’. However, HDC went ahead anyway and granted permission.

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On Monday 16th February, Dr Ian Thwaites presented KSG’s petition to the Chairman of Horsham District Council, Cllr Brian O’Connell. The petition, entitled Save Southwater from Overdevelopment, had been signed by 2833 local people. Despite torrential rain, an intrepid crowd of KSG supporters turned up at Park House to witness the event.  Read More


See below for the text of KSG’s official objection to the revised planning application submitted by Berkeley Homes, reducing the total number of units to 594. This was addressed to Dr Chris Lyons, Director of Planning, Economic Development and Property, Horsham District Council, and dated 24th November 2014.

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On November 12th, both KSG and Southwater Parish Council made submissions to the Government’s Inspector examining the Horsham District Planning Framework. We felt we were not given a fair hearing for procedural reasons and we later sent him an additional representation letter, which can be read HERE. Now we must wait to see what his final decision is regarding the entire Horsham District and particularly in respect of our village. We must live in hope that he is experienced enough to see through the barrage of calls from North Horsham to put all that is currently proposed for that area in Southwater instead! Read More