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Election day is fast approaching. We’ll be voting not only for who is to be our new MP but also for our representatives on Horsham District Council. Claire Vickers, one of Southwater’s three current District Councillors (along with John Chidlow and Ian Howard), has asked us to publicise the fact that they will be holding a pre-election surgery at Beeson House in Lintot Square on Saturday 2nd May from 10.00 to 11.00am. Read More


Keep Southwater Green is delighted to announce that Dr Roger Smith is standing as an Independent candidate for Southwater in the Horsham District Council election. We endorse Roger’s candidacy because of his vast knowledge on planning matters and his unswerving commitment to protecting Southwater’s countryside from being completely covered with concrete and tarmac, and call upon all KSG supporters to vote for him on 7th May. Please read on to learn more about Roger’s manifesto. Read More


On November 12th, both KSG and Southwater Parish Council made submissions to the Government’s Inspector examining the Horsham District Planning Framework. We felt we were not given a fair hearing for procedural reasons and we later sent him an additional representation letter, which can be read HERE. Now we must wait to see what his final decision is regarding the entire Horsham District and particularly in respect of our village. We must live in hope that he is experienced enough to see through the barrage of calls from North Horsham to put all that is currently proposed for that area in Southwater instead! Read More


Our team of intrepid volunteers spent much of May and June gathering signatures door-to-door and in Lintot Square for the petition against Berkeley Homes’ planning application for 634 houses west of the Worthing Road. To date nearly 2800 people have signed this, and you can still add your name online HERE. We shall deliver it to Horsham District Council at the opportune moment.   Read More


We have made quite good progress in the last weeks in our efforts to convince everyone that there are so many things wrong with the planning application from Berkeley Homes that it simply has to be rejected. First, we have submitted to Horsham District Council our long and detailed objection to the proposal. If you would like to read this in full it can be seen HERE.

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On 8th May, Southwater Parish Council’s planning committee convened to consider Berkeley Homes’ application, among other items on the agenda. The meeting held in the evening at Beeson House was open to the public, with many people in attendance. Two councillors, Laurie Apted and Barbara Varley, had to excuse themselves from the discussion as they declared an interest, both having signed KSG’s previous petition against BH’s plans in 2011. That left just five other councillors in the room. Read More