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On November 12th, both KSG and Southwater Parish Council made submissions to the Government’s Inspector examining the Horsham District Planning Framework. We felt we were not given a fair hearing for procedural reasons and we later sent him an additional representation letter, which can be read HERE. Now we must wait to see what his final decision is regarding the entire Horsham District and particularly in respect of our village. We must live in hope that he is experienced enough to see through the barrage of calls from North Horsham to put all that is currently proposed for that area in Southwater instead!

Meanwhile, Berkeley Homes has re-submitted their outline planning application for the scheme presented at their public exhibition earlier this year, reducing the numbers slightly to 594 dwellings. It is a marginal improvement but is still much too high!

The reference number of the application remains the same (DC/14/0590) and we’ve been informed by HDC that all the previous objections already lodged will still apply. However, if you can find the time to update your objection please do so as that will have more impact.

This can be achieved by adding a comment to the relevant section on HDC’s website, which is found HERE. Enter DC/14/0590 in the box, click the search button, then on the next page click the ‘Make a Public Comment’ tab, and fill out the details. It’s wise to tick the little box at the foot of the form that says ‘Send me an email confirming my comments’ before you click the final submit button.

Alternatively, objections can be made by letter, addressed to Helen Lowe, Planning Officer, Horsham District Council, Park North, Horsham, RH12 1RL. Or by e-mailing her direct – just click HERE.

Regarding the time-scale for objections to this revised application, some residents have received a letter from HDC saying that they need to be in within 14 days. However, I have taken this matter up with them and they have made it plain that consideration of the application is very unlikely to come before the Planning Committee until January. A date for the hearing will be published subsequently. I have HDC’s unconditional assurance that all objections received before the date of the hearing will be accepted and considered.

Nonetheless, it would be sensible for everyone to have lodged their personal objections (using one of the methods discussed above) by early December, so please go ahead and do that now. We need to show we care and we can still get these numbers down and prevent the incredible greed of the developers from ruining our village.

The  full text of KSG’s updated objection can be read HERE.

Our petition has been quoted but not presented yet so you can still add your name to it online by clicking HERE. Anyone who lives in Southwater itself, or in an adjacent parish that would be affected by yet more development here, is welcome to sign. If you’ve not already done so, please also sign up to receive KSG’s newsletter, using the form found in the sidebar of each page throughout this website.