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Keep Southwater Green is delighted to announce that Dr Roger Smith is standing as an Independent candidate for Southwater in the Horsham District Council election. We endorse Roger’s candidacy because of his vast knowledge on planning matters and his unswerving commitment to protecting Southwater’s countryside from being completely covered with concrete and tarmac, and call upon all KSG supporters to vote for him on 7th May. Please read on to learn more about Roger’s manifesto.

Vote for Roger Smith

At what is a pivotal time for the future of the village, I have chosen to stand as an INDEPENDENT CANDIDATE for election as a District Councillor for Southwater so I can speak for the community free from the constraints and pressures of party politics.

I am passionate about the countryside and the need to protect our rural environment from overdevelopment.  As an activist and countryside champion for CPRE Sussex Countryside Trust since 2006, I’ve gained considerable knowledge of the planning system, and have been assisting KEEP SOUTHWATER GREEN as well as other groups.

The relentless tide of housebuilding is swamping our green fields and countryside.  I deplore Horsham District Council’s seemingly unquestioning obedience to Government diktat on planning matters.  I’m appalled that Berkeley Homes’ application to build up to 594 units west of Southwater was passed seemingly on the nod by Councillors, despite justifiable worries about the lack of effective traffic-mitigation measures and uncertainty as to whether funding would be sufficient to pay for essential infrastructure.  I’m also very concerned that the Council has settled for only 30% of affordable homes on this site, instead of the required 35%, apparently to enable the developer to maintain profit margins.  I believe this application was approved without proper regard for the valid fears of Southwater’s community.

I live just over a mile outside Southwater’s parish boundary, and have spent much of my life in this area, having been born at Horsham Hospital.  After gaining my doctorate in archaeology at Oxford University, I served as an officer in the RAF for 20-years. Later, I was company secretary and administrator for a provider of residential care and sheltered accommodation for elderly people.  In my time, I’ve also planned, organised and led a successful scientific expedition to the artic.  I intend to apply the same strategic thinking and dedication that was required then to addressing the issues that face Southwater’s community now.

I pledge that if elected I will:

  • Do my utmost to reduce the tide of concrete and tarmac now threatening Southwater, and speak up for the interests of the community.
  • Strive to ensure that the community’s own need for affordable homes is met and that the elderly and vulnerable are properly supported.
  • Ensure that the views of Southwater residents are heard and not brushed to one side.
  • Support the Parish Council in its completion of Southwater’s Neighbourhood Plan.
  • Strive to ensure that infrastructure and services required in consequence of development are provided – and provided on time.

If you have any questions or comments on specific issues, or would like to know more about my experience and how it would be of benefit to Southwater, or require any other information at all, please do contact me.


Download flyer: Vote Roger Smith

Email Roger: click here